Work Environment – Going beyond just sounds

Tue, Jun 30, 2015 2-minute read

I got this idea as I was in the middle of my yoga session. I have this app called “noizio” installed in my mac. There is nothing special about this app and there are many variants on this app as well. It can generate ambient noises like being present in a cafe, beach, grass, etc. You can choose if it is raining, windy, thunderstorms, riverside and others. It works quite well, especially if you like to work in a noisier environment. I don’t, but I just installed it for seeing what options I can get 🙂

My idea is the logical next step for these environment apps – an environment. If you are sitting in a windy grassland, you don’t have continuous wind in your hair. There is an occasional gust and the rest of the time is comfortable, not windy. So imagine the app controls the fan to push a certain volume of air the side you are seated at pseudo random intervals synced with the sounds in the app. And the app can talk to the aircon to closely control the temperature levels so that you don’t freeze yourself nor sweat it out. Similarly, the app controls the curtains based on the amount of ambient light in the environment. And all this would change if you chose a different set of parameters in the app. IoT can finally influence your productivity.

I am sure some companies are already working on this. I am not going to, but I really wish someone picks this up and puts it out there. At least in a maker faire!