This one is long due – More than a week. A small note and the links I stumbled upon and was delighted to know. I’ll update every week, hopefully.

  1. Ever wanted to code during a presentation and get it right in front of all the audience? Here’s what you may need!

Because sometimes you need to do it live

This was fun knowing and hope to use it some day when I host a code hackathon or code demo 🙂

  1. I am always kind of fond of parallel programming. I even did my thesis work on CUDA. Someday I wanted to be able to write parallel programs in Python. Then I read about GIL. Last week I read something about using the “multiprocessing” module in python. This one seems good and I hope to use it some day soon.

  1. Ever considered building a projector at home? I did and have succeeded to variable degrees. Last week I read an article that teaches you how to build a Laser projector. I wish to try this someday.

  1. And finally two posts for becoming better programmers