Trouble that is worth it

Tue, Mar 10, 2015 2-minute read

I love this post from Seth Godin.

You must read it too. And here is my favorite line in that post:

Seeking out the things that are more trouble than most people think they’re worth is a powerful place to be.

I have been here. Early on in my career, when I was here, it really gained me the quick recognition and earned me the type of tasks I was best suited for. On the edge.

I have been there a little while back in the past too, with huge success. To the extent, I am sure many of my managers liked me for just this – seeking out and attempting things that most people don’t want to take up. Things that every one agrees as difficult.

I am here today, and in the recent past. Surprisingly, no one seems to notice. It does not seem to matter here. Maybe they just assume and take this for granted?

Gifts are a waste on some people. Seeking out the trouble and solving them is a waste on some systems. I cannot change because the system does not want it. I only need to find other systems that need me. Or create systems that show how it is done. I am rooting for the latter. Soon.