Tonnes of updates

Tue, Jul 19, 2016 2-minute read

The biggest update since the last time I posted something is that I have moved to Chennai. Singapore is fun and a great place to live, but perhaps it didn’t work out very well for my career aspirations. It did work great for the wife, but she is happy to back in Chennai as well. Besides she is on the planned break for Sid, so maybe it doesn’t matter all that much in the short term.

I have taken a two month break from regular work. In this time, I am working on a few side projects. I am hoping to launch one of them soon. I have exit at least engagements since I moved back. I am spending more time working on some interesting stuff including learning some nodeJs for myself. I hope to finish up and get one or two apps into the app store by end of August. If I get that done, perhaps the break was well worth it.

I am closely working with Classle on a project basis. Its not a full time job yet, but I am very close to signing the dotted line soon. Maybe August will see me back into the software industry but this time into product design and development. I hope to master product development in this chapter to start.

Leaving Intel turned pretty bad. Intel was clearly the worst organisation in terms of its HR. Perhaps Intel APAC is the worst even within Intel. But who cares, if its bad its bad. I am planning a detailed post for the Intel folks through LinkedIn later this month. Well, for what is worth, some one should know that all is not very well within their org.

That’s for this post. But I’ll try to get a little more regular going forward as I try to get into some rhythm that will work for me.