The last time I went running in Jurong, I was given an RFID tag and later on my timing was published on a website. I had some theories on how they could have done this until I landed this site recently. So if you plan to host a running, then you might want to read this link!

And then I came across another link to build a  IoT oscilloscope for $25. Reading on, I think more than the scope, I love the idea of getting a $20 board that I can play with. Surely in my to buy list in the next set.

I always wanted to build an arduino clock. I have never gotten myself to sit down and do this actually. But I keep hoarding links in this direction. Here is one more on building an NTP server!

I always believed that getting a doorbell notification on the smartphone was expensive technology. Read this link to debunk this myth!

This is how you could build a bicycle computer and this is how you could build a non-invasive tachometer.

On robotics, I came across this interesting link where we could build the chassis using PVC pipes. Good one and will be trying it one of these days.

How about having to smile to watch your TV. Here is a link that discusses this!

To finish, I read about this fairly massive experimental multi-core architecture from MIT. I still haven’t read it all, but you can read along here.