The B’day post

Mon, Dec 28, 2015 3-minute read

Yet another year has gone by! I was just running by my last year’s birthday post. It is sad to see that not much has changed from that post although quite a lot has happened in the year. I still cannot call myself an entrepreneur. Not even a freelancer. I still am trying to beat the blues from last year. Maybe I’ll just count my blessings this year and set some realistic goals for 2016.

The biggest blessing this year came in the form of our son, Sidhartha, in October. So the entire year since the second week of January has been sort of an emotional roller coaster: trying to support my wife and ensuring the entire pregnancy went smooth and easy. It was reasonably well managed although the actual delivery turned out quite painful. Given the beauty that Sid is, we are ok to forget the pains 😛

Work has been pretty crazy. The company I work for got acquired. And the new company kinda dished out a bad deal. In my opinion, that says tonnes about where the acquiring company values the acquired company at. And it says tonnes about myself because I am continuing to put up. Of course, I took up the offer only because I didn’t want to jeopardise Sid’ birth plans. Now that he is a 3-month-old boy, I really need to start making up for my mistakes.

Personally, I made some progress as well. I built 2-3 iOS apps for my wife and for myself. Nope, we didn’t put them up on the app store. I have a developer account and I made Noni’s phone a test device 🙂 That’s a pretty good achievement because I don’t think I got this far when I did some android work. I am now working with a few designers in my circles to get the UI completed so it can go into the app store mid next year.

I also learnt a bit of angular JS and am able to build basic web apps using this. I miserably failed at learning node.js. This means that my brain’s elasticity is now starting to reduce. Perhaps, I’ll start facing limitations on what I can grasp going forward and I need to make a living with what I already know. I guess this is what defines a mid-life crisis.

I have big plans for 2016, just the way I did in the previous years. But this time, I have a two-pronged approach. Either I should close 2016 as an entrepreneur or I should have moved west. I think both of these would do good for Sid in his early life and education. I am not sure if I want him to study in Asia because I don’t think anyone teaches kids to be independent and bold or encourage moon-shot thinking. Moving west may help this line of thought. On the other hand, if I become an entrepreneur, then I can lead him by example.

Let me see what 2016 has in store for us.