I already missed to keep the date. And its not even a week now! Anyway, to compensate, I ll write two posts today 😀

Sunday was eventless. Mostly lazing around in the couch with “hay day” and the idiot box. By night, I gathered motivation to run 3kms! I ll post my running adventures later.

I was watching snippets from movies like “Singaravelan”, “Mudhalvan” etc. I am surprised how these movies were so big. At least the latter had an interesting story. In both the movies, scenes involving the lead couple are immature and pathetic! Wow and to think my younger self actually enjoyed this!

I recently saw a few movies that impressed me a lot: thegidi, neram, moodar kudam, sutta kadhai etc. these are really the best movies I have seen in a while and I think most of them are from little experienced filmmakers! I wish the experienced folk will take a lesson or two from these.

I ll write a detailed post on what I liked the most in each of these!