Last friday was the first time I ever wore a jacket. Not that the situation demanded one, but I knew it wouldn’t look too odd if I did. I always loved to wear a jacket, but given that I spent most of my time in Chennai, just wearing a formal attire with leather shoe would make you like you are over-dressed for more occasions. Mostly the folks higher up in the value chain got away with the jackets and us engineer folks generally looked best in our dirty jeans and some stupid tee.

Even last friday, I looked a little odd man out in the entire place. Only the big bosses wore jackets. Amongst people in my category, perhaps there was just one other guy who was dressed up. The rest, fortunately, were in formal wear if not the jean-tee uniform!

One thing I took away from this experience is that I loved the feeling. And that means I need to look out for more chances to suit up. One possible derivation is that I need to stop being the engineer. Perhaps its not that exciting any more! Or maybe am just getting carried away!