Should I go back to Android?

Mon, Jun 22, 2015 3-minute read

Two years of iPhone has served me very well. Now I need to renew my contract and I can get another device with the new contract. I could forgo a device, but I may not be able to get a device in the contract later on. So, it put me in a fix. Fix because the contract does not support picking a 5S device. Or even a 4S device. And I am not sure if I want to lug around a bigger handset than that. iPhone 6 is big. Its bigger than I like a personal handset to be. Maybe I am stuck in the 2000s and the world has moved on. But I can choose to remain in my own little time warp, can’t I?

Worser still, because these new devices are more expensive, I need to shell out at least S$300 to keep staying with AAPL. S$300 for a device I am not convinced? My iPhone is quite good, thinking about it. I don’t really need to upgrade the device. And my usage is so pathetically bad, I don’t really need a better device. All I do is call FT Audio, some whatsapp and occasional browsing, medium, feedly, twitter and gmail. Barring medium, am sure the rest are quite functional – if not better – in android. And since I don’t post using medium, I can read it quite fine on a web browser.

I can gladly get a 4.7″ or bigger android device for S$0 with my upgrade. Maybe that is what I’ll do. I’ll take an android with the upgrade and keep using the iPhone 5 until it gives up and dies. Hopefully, someone in AAPL is sympathetic to old fools like me and decide to re-introduce a 4″ device later on. If they do that, I could upgrade to that and stay loyal. Or I’ll slowly try to convince myself that 4.7″ is the new 4″ and acclimatize myself with a cheaper device first. Then perhaps I can convince myself to pay a bigger price tag for a iDevice.

There is another reason for this thought. App development on ios is quite easy. I could write two apps without any formal training in the subject. But I need to put in $99 to test it on the device. And I don’t know if I want to do that. That said, if I can’t give $99 to test the app, where am I going to give S$300 to upgrade the device? On the other hand, android won’t need me to do that. Even if it did, I could root the device and move to CM and own the device. And maybe I’ll still need to pay up for putting my app on the store – but at least I can use my app on my phone without having to pay anyone yet. Of course, I don’t know if app development is as simple as in ios. But judging by the number of apps, it can’t be very difficult.

Am still speculating. Maybe I’ll do just this. Or maybe I’ll shell S$300 and pick something I won’t want. Or maybe I’ll pick it and sell it or exchange it in the family. Or maybe I’ll just learn fast.