Thu, Feb 26, 2015 One-minute read

Someone was asking a friend who his 1yr old resembled. Each of us had an opinion. But there is truly very little you can say at this point in the kid’s journey. 

For a long time everyone in the house believed I strongly resembled my maternal uncles and my maternal grandma. True that given my hair texture and general attitude. 

Similarly, for a long time everyone in the house believed that my sister resembled my paternal grandma. Given her frame and general mannerisms, it made sense as well. 

Until a couple of years back, that is. We stumbled upon dad’s high school pic and mom’s college pics. If they didn’t have the sepia tint and the worn down texture, one cannot tell apart my mom’s college pics from my sister’s. And ignoring the hair texture, you cannot tell apart my dad’s pics  from mine. So much for resemblances. 

We always see in a person, who we want to see in them. We rarely see them for who they are, or who they actually resemble.