Wed, Feb 11, 2015 2-minute read

We have a small balcony garden. We are looking to grow more stuff in these gardens in the coming months but we are also experimenting various things like pots, soil, water etc. Some of the easiest types of plants to grow include methi and coriander. These are commonly used in our kitchen so we decided to grow them ourselves to start.

This works like a charm. And its beautiful and refreshing to see life coming out of a small pot. And all it needed was water and sunlight. Creation is not a myth 🙂

More recently what we observe is this: we accidentally put both methi and coriander seeds in the same pot. Well, not even accidentally, we only had one pot to start. We see that there a lot of hybrids that seem to show up. Some of them are methi leaves and coriander leaves all mixed up in the same stem! Either that or methi looks very different at different stages. Now this is even more interesting because I always thought creating such hybrids was extremely difficult stuff and usually managed only in lab conditions.

Anyway, we did not set out to do hybrids. Our purpose is to grow a portion of our supply of vegetables. Nothing gets better than that, right?