Good Morning!

I usually take a bus to work around 930 in the morning. Late, yes, but I usually start my work day at 8. Anyway, that’s not the point. I usually manage to catch the same bus – by time, route and the driver! And for two reasons. One is, duh, that’s the first bus around this time. Second is the driver! This guy gives you a “good morning!” as you board the bus.

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So, I am running behind schedule by one post. I definitely have to catch up and fix. Or my eventual ambition of writing my biography would become a dream! Why would I write my bio? Simple, how else will the world know my existence. Why should they know? Good one. Maybe for what I am today, they are better off not knowing. But by the time I get to writing my bio, I would be someone they might as well know!

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Sunday Post

I already missed to keep the date. And its not even a week now! Anyway, to compensate, I ll write two posts today 😀 Sunday was eventless. Mostly lazing around in the couch with “hay day” and the idiot box. By night, I gathered motivation to run 3kms! I ll post my running adventures later. I was watching snippets from movies like “Singaravelan”, “Mudhalvan” etc. I am surprised how these movies were so big.

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LED Game

I came across this tutorial in pyroelectro. I wanted to try it out myself without completing the tutorial. I used a few hints from the tutorial and came up with a working system. This is pretty much the same as the one in tutorial, just that I don’t have the 7-segment display. I implemented using an Arduino UNO and some discrete components. I have a breadboard solution working now and am planning to make a protoboard version as well.

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Nescafe Rich

The thing about the 3-in-1 Nescafe Rich instant coffee is: it smells like the perfect coffee but is really nothing better than flavored water with a lot of sugar and some coffee essence!

On Astrology

The condo we stay in has a row of shops at level 1 (ground floor). Most of the shops are not taken so far. But one of them came in along with our moving in. They do astrological consultation. But like most Indian astrologers, they have about two dozen services including Feng Shui and Tarot card reading. First few occassions, both me and my wife had a feeling that the lady in the shop was trying to talk to us!

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Hello World!

I’ve been blogging on and off at various sites including wordpress and blogger. I’ve also tried consolidating a bunch of them a bunch of times. But given how haphazard my habits are, consolidation is never complete. This time around I have decided to stop using all the other tools and stick to this one alone. I self host it and that presumably gives me more control. It also makes it vulnerable, but I don’t know who on earth wants to control my site!

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