On Wunderbar films

Tue, Dec 1, 2015 3-minute read

Another day I never dreamt would happen – I actually am beginning to believe Dhanush might be one of the better movie makers out there. Thinking about it, absolutely every movie made by his Wunderbar Films has turned out to be brilliant and/or entertaining. For instance, even the lighter ones like Maari or Kaaki Sattai were absolutely entertaining. Kaaki sattai even had a good premise. Of course, Kaakka Muttai and 3 are perhaps the best movies to have come under this belt. Ethir neechal and VIP were both entertaining and had a decent story to tell.

I recently got to see Naanum Rowdydhan. I wasn’t sure if I ever wanted to see this one, in spite of the fact that it had Vijay Sethupathi in the lead role. I somehow like this guy. This is a classic case for how first impressions go very far. I first saw him in Pizza, followed by Soodhu Kavvum and NKPK. I loved all the three movies – Pizza in spite of its genre. From there on I have always associated his name with good movies. Just like the Karunakaran guy. They seem to have a knack to sniff out good entertainers. Yet I wasn’t sure if I wanted to see Naanum Rowdydhan. Then a few first circle friends highly recommended a watch. So Noni and I bought the movie on our on-demand video network and saw it last weekend. To say the least, the movie was superbly entertaining.

I don’t plan to review it here. But there were a few things that really impressed me. Nayanthara as the female lead was quite OK. She plays a deaf woman. I was wishing throughout the movie that she shouldn’t suddenly hear stuff or reveal towards the climax that she was OK all along and just played deaf to win some sympathy. She didn’t. So congrats 🙂

Vijay Sethupathi plays the wannabe rowdy. She points out to him that he is a fake and he tries to correct himself a little (faking a little better this time). This was brought out very well. They also made a mockery out of Anand Raj (one of my favorite villains from the past), but perhaps this is also the trend. There are always bad men that aren’t bad enough in most movies. There were some good light moments but perhaps not needed. I was wishing that the hero wouldn’t suddenly grow some bones to bash up the bad guys. He didn’t. The bad guy softens up because this fellow was a mere pain in the a**. Leads to some really funny sequences.

There were two places I literally ROFLed. One was the scene where the hero’s gang try to kidnap the main villain. Especially the few shots inside the van where RJ Balaji tries to get the villain to go unconscious with his spray on chloroform was hilarious. And the climax sequence with all the goons, villains, hero and heroine in one tight choreography was brilliant and hilarious. And it sort of fit the narration very well without having the make the hero a tough guy who could beat up everyone single handed. I loved this part.

Parthiban as the villain was a brilliant pick. Even in movies where Parthiban played the hero, I usually felt he fitted the negative roles better. No offense, but he just has a knack for it. Just like how I always liked Anand Raj as the villain. And he has done a fabulous job here.

That said, there is something about Dhanush. I think he has figured out entertainment. I wish he gives us many more such interesting movies to spend time over.