The condo we stay in has a row of shops at level 1 (ground floor). Most of the shops are not taken so far. But one of them came in along with our moving in. They do astrological consultation. But like most Indian astrologers, they have about two dozen services including Feng Shui and Tarot card reading.

First few occassions, both me and my wife had a feeling that the lady in the shop was trying to talk to us! Hmm, that’s nice. Only later did I realise that the lady had no one but us to talk to – rather sell astrology to. This is a new condo, so not many have moved in yet. And not so many pass by this road either. Obviously, she needed someone to walk into her shop!

One evening she managed to block us as we were returning home from work. I must have had a really bad day, or maybe I just had that look on my face. Maybe that must have told the lady that we might be interested in improving our fortunes. Of course, we are interested in improving our fortunes, but the problem is this: when we make decisions or choices based on concrete data we get things wrong, how can we trust decisions based on statistics or goodwill? We had a bit of a tough time getting past without creating a scene! From there on we have been avoiding direct eye contact with this lady and tend to scramble off if we get a hint that she would approach us :-/

I have a feeling the lady needs to apply her expertise on her shop or herself first. Of course, things have changed a little now. There are a few customers for her shop and she doesn’t quite feel the need to chase us anymore 🙂