On Absurdity…

Thu, Jul 10, 2014 2-minute read

Strange as it may seem, I seem to have fun with absurdity. Everybody does, to some extent. But sometimes I have fun at somethings that don’t even catch the attention of my wife. To the extent she now believes I am a tad weird in this topic.

For instance, a few of these one liners gets me to laugh every single time! Most people are immune to it after the second or third times!

Read them in tamil, I doubt if you can translate to keep the meaning and keep the joke.

  1. “Ipo Madhukku enna oru 27 vayasu irukkuma?
    Kooda onnu sethukunga.
    271 ah?”

  2. “Seri, Mela padi.
    Dinathandi, seithigalai udanukku udan arivikkum pathirigai.
    Adei.. Seidhia mela padi da..
    oh! romba mela padichitena?”

  3. “Saloon Muthu doctora varuvan. Nee chittapa va nadi.
    Chi poda. Doctorkellam edukku da chittapa. Doctorlam thaniya dhan varuvanga!”

There are bunch of such in Monty Python as well. I laugh so hard that my eyes well up and I am falling off my seat! Every single time. Weird?

As if this was not enough, I recently saw about 30 mins of this movie called – “Sutta Kadhai”. I was laughing the entire duration whereas my wife was getting bored. For her the film was too lame and was not engaging at all. And here I was laughing my ass off for almost every dialogue. Absurd and largely illogical, but then that was the joke of it all. The very fact that something does not connect tingles the funny bone in me. Weird? Maybe but I love it like this 🙂