My problem with haircare and toothpaste ads

Sat, Jan 10, 2015 2-minute read

is that they are quite silly. Have you noticed that they almost always have transparent touch screen displays? And that too fairly large ones? Well, that is my problem.

I would like to believe that these ought to be expensive. Consumer television sets with 34″ and above that aren’t transparent cost quite a bit to buy. For instance, my TV cost me about $200 and is only about 32″. Ok, it is a smart model but I am sure the majority of the cost is the display technology. So transparent displays ought to cost at least that much, right? Even if you picked multiple small displays and just cascaded them, the cost of the additional hardware/software to make them look seamless would negate the apparent gain in price.

Research organisations get a lot of grant and a $2000 on a display is not the most difficult thing to afford – you say. Yep! You are quite right. But if I were the director of a research organisation, I’d ensure that every penny of research grant received goes toward obtaining the best equipment that support doing important research, rather than pick a fancy display to results on! Heck, you will anyway print the results on  a piece of paper to get it accepted!

You still believe research organisations have such fancy displays? Unless their main research is the displays, I doubt it much.