Mornings without technology

Wed, Jul 29, 2015 2-minute read

As usual, I have started running another experiment.But this is only two days young. I should wait for another month or so to see if I really hold this up. The routine is the SAVERS routine that I came across in techcrunch or mashable recently.

The actual routine is like this:

  • Sit in silence; Meditate
  • Affirmations
  • Visualizations
  • Exercise – my usual yoga
  • Reading – currently “War of the worlds by H.G.Wells”
  • Scribe – for the first time, am writing a journal with pen and paper.

Each of the steps, except exercise is about 5-10 mins long. Overall it costs me about an hour or so to finish. But the best part of this is, I don’t touch my iPhone or mac until this is done. And usually, there are some tasks like watering the plants and replacing dry plates and cutlery back in their aisles. Then I have only enough time to give myself a bath and start for work. Of course, I don’t wake up that late either. I just managed to start work quite early on both these days. Maybe most other days, I ll have a lot of spare time.

Of course, I don’t know how I will use the newly acquired time. I know I have a tonne of things I could do. Maybe I’ll do or maybe I’ll still crib I don’t have enough time. But I have some other uses for staying away from technology as much as I can; something that is not ready to be discussed on these pages yet.