Medium as a blog

Mon, Jul 13, 2015 3-minute read

I attended the Singapore MiniMakerFaire this weekend at Tampines. It was fun. I had to keep it a short trip for other reasons, but am happy that I didn’t miss the faire at least. Next year, I really should present something or volunteer at the least. One of the things about attending this event is, it kinda puts me to shame. I can give you reasonably detailed steps on how to make most of the stuff in display. Yet, I haven’t made even a simple four wheel bot on my own. Shame on me.

Ok, moving on, I decided to write about my experience in a simple blog form. Nothing verbose. Just a few pictures and some comments. I thought this would be a perfect premise to try out my passive medium account. I could do with the medium app or using the website. Oh, they don’t sync drafts between the two – and I hate them for this. It is true that for most posts, I write them in a single shot. But for some of them, I really need time to reflect and revise. And having to use a computer to do this seems like overkill. Since I already had started a draft on the mac that I couldn’t just see on my phone, I decided to write this post with my phone app.

Some things were rather un-intuitive. I couldn’t find a title row. So I just made the first row bold and made it my title. Eventually, this became the title. Well, I don’t know for sure. But having to guess was not comfortable. Most of the editing was peaceful and simple. Adding photos to the post was a little irritating because I couldn’t re-order them. But since this was simple and small, I didn’t mind just deleting and re-adding them.

Everything was good until I wanted to add one last photo to the set. It just wouldn’t let me do that. The whole app froze and took the phone down with it a couple of times. Eventually I gave up and went without the pic. This was quite frustrating and annoying. So much for distraction free writing? One thing I have decided is to never use the app from the phone. And since all my photos are in my phone, I might end up not using medium for a blog ever again. I guess am quite happy with wordpress that way – I can start a draft with my phone and get to the browser for finishing up.

Folks at medium – you have quite some way to go. I don’t know if you support handover at least. Otherwise, this experience is very painful.

By the way, the post is here.