Machine Learning

Thu, May 8, 2014 One-minute read

A fascinating field of study. I always had a thing for Artificial Intelligence. I even did an elective course in my bachelor’s. Only later I understood that the course did not even scratch the surface. It just saw it using a home made telescope, where the topic is probably the moon. Ok, not to demean the diy’rs, I am referring to a simple telescope you’d cheat a two year old with.

Later, at a variety of opportunities, I tried to scratch the surface. Each time I got lost into how powerful Lisp was, how MIT ruled this space, or the vastness of wiki, all those brilliant scientists, on turing machines, yada, yada!

See, even now, I haven’t mentioned a word about machine learning. I still don’t know what the definitions are or who uses it. But am not going to read up now, I don’t want to read more history now. Machine learning needs some focus 🙂

Recently I have hit upon an idea, not validated, that I have come to believe requires machine learning skills. So, maybe this is in focus now. And maybe I ll build the app someday soon enough so that other app-makers aren’t already shipping something here.