After a lot of deliberation, discussions, depressions, planning and meticulous budgeting, Noni convinced me to just stfu and pick up that damn device. So we did just that. I am still a little unsure whether I like the feel of the device. I love my iPhone 5 because the form factor is just about perfect for me. This is my first 4.7″ device in the last 4-5 years that I have held a smartphone. Way too old for tech? Maybe.

The display definitely feels very roomy. I keep typing the passcode to unlock the screen – and I have the fingerprint setup fine. I still don’t want to write my email in the phone because I think it is not comfortable – but this bigger screen should be different. Maybe I’ll get over my 4″ screen stigma slowly. It’s too early to talk about the battery life yet. I haven’t even browsed too much on this device. Maybe I’ll still wait for a few weeks before I decide on my impressions.

I registered for a dev account with AAPL. Now I can write the apps I want on my phone. I sort of like that freedom. I don’t have a plan to become a ios dev guy. But I plan to use this account to learn some design stuff, usability stuff and write a few apps that I really want to use in my device. If winds change, I might put them up in the app store.

Currently there are two apps that I and Noni desperately need. Of course, there are alternatives out there in the store. But these are quite simple and the free apps are usually bloated up with jazz. Or the single most important feature is a purchase. Anyway, that’s not a complaint. Its an excuse to write one on my own 🙂

I have fairly long hair that took almost a year to grow. I try to maintain, so I need to now take a call on whether I can keep up with the maintenance. And I lost a good 3kgs at least and am inching towards right sizing myself. Feels good to be here but maybe I have cut down on the wrong things to get here. So I need to work on fixing that properly. And I am noticing that I have gotten superbly impatient with everything. Bad sign. Usually impatience kicks in with your 60s so that you can be discounted as being senile. At half that age, impatience is a tough thing to handle. So I need to start nipping it early before it becomes a headache on Noni.

Oh, there is the makerfaire coming up this weekend. I’ll definitely be there. I wanted to have my own stall this time  but other things took over. I’ll definitely be presenting something next year. Or at least be volunteering for the next year. And Noni and I will be at the Evam Standup later this month end at SOTA. I wanted to attend both Evam and the other northie comics. But it felt a little hard on my pocket. Next time guys.

Nope, this was still not written in the iPhone 6.