India – Thanksgiving

Fri, Nov 28, 2014 2-minute read

Vaidy took about 6 hrs off his schedule to talk to us. And I feel extremely honored that he did that for me. I have a lot of lessons from him, some for the two of us put together. It is my job, now, to put it in perspective and apply what I could. Quite important!

I couldn’t catch up with a lot of people though. I guess I underestimated the work involved in organizing a wedding. Some people I really wished to have caught up with include Balaji, Ramaseshan Sir, Nallen, Bala amongst others. We couldn’t spend much time with Noni’ parents either. Although they understand, it really counts as bad planning on our side.

The most important highlight of this trip is that, financially, we just got to zero. Including the wedding. Mighty big achievement given our financial discipline. A couple of good hearts like Raju and Vaidy had given us a lot of their views and opinions on this front. And we can never thank them enough for that.

Secret: it works wonders if you believed in the idea. But then, like that famous quote, if you wish for something to happen truly and from the depth of yourselves, then the universe conspires for you to get it. So better be careful what you wish for 🙂