Long Form Writing

It is as though I have thoroughly forgotten how to organize my thoughts into words. I haven’t written anything long form in a while now. Unfortunately, I like to write. But amidst the so many things moving so fast in my day, I rarely am able to catch up to do some writing. But to keep the habit, I journal infrequently using a mobile app. Seems to do the job but its nothing like long form: firstly, I use it as a journal to sum up how I feel at the moment; Secondly, its on the phone and I just hate to type on the phone.

So between the rush and the inability to adjust to typing on the phone, I have kinda stopped writing altogether. I have renewed the setup recently. I have a bunch of things that I hope and expect will make it easier for me to resume writing again. I have a whole bunch of topics to write on including a few movies that I managed to catch recently. Only after I put the setup to test, though.

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