… That’s a thought that keeps hitting me every now and then. I am reasonably good at my work (or) at least not so bad that somebody had to ask me get my act straight. Yet.

I definitely like what I do. So that’s not where it starts either. But sometimes, computers are all that fascinate me. I can probably design one of my own in some years, it still doesn’t count for actually getting one to do what you want it to! Need for superiority?

Nope. I’d not acknowledge that anyway. But I think it has something to do with my inclination to math. And for some reason, most of the computer science that I taught myself had a lot of mathematics in it – linear algebra when learning algorithms, some graph theory for my thesis work and now linear algebra again for ML.

Maybe I should give this another chance? Maybe yes, if I can find something that won’t need me to just fill in code but do some quality work around analysis or algorithms. But with my qualification, that’s going to need what I call a “miracle”