I won some cookies in the office CNY lucky draw this year. Honestly, its an amazing thing to happen.

I have tried to participate in lucky draws in many different stages of my life. And each time, my number would never be called out. Then I concluded that these are sour vine. Not for you.

I had the same thoughts as I wrote my name in the lucky draw tag at office. I knew I won’t get it. I didn’t get it last year either. But heck, I’ll give it a shot anyway. Nothing to lose, not even my pen to write the name with 😀

And my name got called, for two boxes of cookies. I feel great, not because I got cookies, but because I got called.

Mera number aakir aa gaya!

It’s a nice feeling to know you get lucky every now and then. Reassuring, even if its worth only a box of cookies.