Creativity and Engagement

Wed, Jul 22, 2015 2-minute read

I spent some time listening to some TED talks on creativity (yes, again). And I noticed something that I had missed all the other times I did this.

The first step to being creative is being engaged to your environment. Duh! That is quite basic understanding right? But somehow I missed this part. And this is something I complain to Noni about a lot. I keep telling her that I can’t seem to find any problems around me. Just about everything seems to be working fine for me! Clearly, am not engaging with my environment. I have a whole lot of assumptions that make my environment work for me. Or am making an “ass” out of “me” – flicked that from “Silence of the Lambs”, creative huh?

But the thing is this – most of my mornings are about running to work, most of my evenings are about running back home, most of the mornings are about helping in the kitchen, and most of my late evenings are about helping with the dishes. Amidst all these mosts, I spend abysmal time thinking about anything at all. And even weekends are lost in some usual chores and I rarely spend time observing what I am doing. That is the base problem.

So I now know the problem. What is the solution?