Mon, May 25, 2015 One-minute read

Noni is at her parents’ for a couple of weeks. I don’t have the luxury of a work-from-home for that long, so I stayed back. There was only one thing both of us were worried about – my food. I could barely cook, forget preparing lunch and dinner amidst all the dish washing. But before Noni took the flight she prepped me up for a full week to be able to cook – more than curd rice and puliyodharai paste.

And I seem to be passing. All last week, I did the cooking. I can’t match up with Noni on the taste front, but at least am not bad. I can manage and stay healthy. Of course, I seem to forget ingredients way too often and somehow I just cannot seem to add enough salt or oil. But maybe that’s me.

There was one disaster y’day when I tried to make potato curry with Noni’s recipe inputs. But disasters have to happen if you intend to learn something properly. No disaster cooking for a full week means am not learning cooking. Am just following instructions correctly. I’d rather learn than just follow. What say?