Mon, Feb 9, 2015 2-minute read

Lantiq got acquired by Intel. It was in the news all over the business world. In some sense, it was the best that could happen. And Intel is the dream company for most people who studied electronics. It had been my dream too when I was just finishing bachelor’s.I am looking forward to working in Intel. I am fairly confident they’ll take me in.

If I think about it, 2015 has been a fabulous year. I am regaining my ground and Noni also thinks am becoming the confident and pushy guy that I used to be, not so long ago also. I made some great progress in some directions. And I am making more progress in multiple facets, not just technical career. I see a long way ahead, but am at least walking.

In this context, Intel taking over Lantiq is win-win for me. If they take me in, my dream comes true and I work for a giant for a foreseeable future. If they decide to let me go, I am financially stable for now and I know a bunch of people back in my country who might take me in. Oh! The latter also gives me the impetus to work on my entrepreneurial dreams. Definite win.

Unfortunately, this acquisition is leaving a lot of the folks around me confused. While everyone is hoping they’d be taken along, not a lot of them can afford to be left behind. My prayers are with them, at this point in time. Don’t worry folks. In my life, every single time my prayer was not answered, it turned out to be a great blessing. In each of those instances I have cursed Him a lot. But eventually when things happened at a much later time, I couldn’t have thanked Him enough. Because the timing of my request was pathetically bad and if He gave my requests as is, I’d probably mess it up and curse Him anyway.

And I am shameless to go back and thank Him every time! So trust in life. It always deals what is best for you.