I have come to realize that I need a portfolio. A showcase of what I can do. While I can work in multiple disciplines, I only have a resume to say this. And maybe some references. Going forward, neither of this is going to help. At least not much. And when I am trying to get interesting gigs or get an interview or two with some promising startup, I need a portfolio more than ever.

Job hunting aside, I would come up with a brilliant idea that would see me build my own gig. But with my current credentials and a resume, I am not sure anyone would invest in me. I might be able to convince a bunch of geeks to work with me, but nothing more. I really need to have a portfolio that showcases my capabilities. I badly need this if I have to convince some angel to bestow some funds to get me started.

No, my dad is not an angel at this point. Noni might be, but I am really counting on her to keep us afloat. Jokes apart, I really need a portfolio. I guess you’ll agree too. And maybe, you will need a portfolio too, going forward.