Being Unique

There was a talk show where one of the participants mentioned this: “In order to be unique, I decided to have long hair. I pick my attire and vehicle based on the occasion …” and some more along those lines.

I think this is quite sad. I don’t think uniqueness has anything to do with appearance, although unique people tend to have a strong sense of style : one way or the other. A person would need to be unique in who they are, in what they bring to the society, in how they act or behave in a situation and not by how they look. Looking unique won’t take you very far if it does not get sufficiently supplemented by other facets. It might get the door to open, but it won’t get you a seat!

On the other hand, the talk show was debating a very sad┬átopic: “is it more important to look good or be healthy?” The idea is stupid in my opinion. You can be healthy and shabby. But you can seldom look good and be unhealthy. If you are unhealthy, it will show all over you. Forget making it up with cosmetics, it will show through the mask. So better be healthy first.


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