B’day post

Thu, Dec 25, 2014 3-minute read

It’s almost a tradition now that I am writing a birthday post every year. This year, I am a little late for the post. I wanted to think through and reflect on the year that just went by and set goals for the year that is looking at me now. Staring at me, for I haven’t started anything yet!


Last year was good. I had two targets for 2014. I achieved one. I missed out on the other. But I pulled off a third that came unannounced! This is actually a proud moment for me and the wife. We came to Singapore with multiple major agendas: finance, family, business and life. I guess we took care of the finance to some extent. Of course, these are sliding targets. They keep moving along with you and perhaps never quite complete unless you hit the jackpot or sell your company to Facebook/Google. We did neither, so we expect the sliding window to continue with us. I had consciously avoided setting any targets for myself last year. As a result, it looks like I did achieve my targets 😉

One thing that remained a dream is the guitar classes. They’ll continue that way for some more time.


There is quite a bit of hope for this coming year. Again, I am going to stop short of setting a target. I want to concentrate on the family and finances this year. I guess this is the priority for now.

I started learning something about design. I mean functional design, not visual. I have started with Norman’s book. I would like to see myself using his suggestions in my day-to-day work.

I find that my outlook to life and work is quite bad at the moment. I definitely need to change that. I am trying some exercises to fix that. After all, if I want to have my own business, one of the things I need to master is myself!

I started to practice pencil sketching. Sadly, I did a course in drawing cartoons when I was still in high school. I remember none of that any more. I am starting over, but not with any specific course or objective. Just to doodle and be more confident of my doodles.

Speaking of which, my confidence has hit an all new low. And I desperately need to fix that and improve my approach at many things. This one is going to take the most effort and time and I badly need this under control to get ahead.

Whoa! So 2015 is packed even if there are no quantitative goals. This year is about improving the quality of life 🙂