Away from Facebook

Thu, Jul 23, 2015 2-minute read

I found out recently that I don’t use Facebook all that much anymore. Ever since they created a separate app for messaging, I don’t really chat up anyone on Facebook anymore. I have nothing against the move, I just hate to have one more app. I haven’t posted anything on Facebook in a very long time. I don’t tag the places I go to anymore. I don’t check-in anything I do. To think about it, I don’t even click pictures when I go some place. I just enjoy it in my eyes, get mesmerized and leave it that way.

There are a few people I still contact via Facebook. A lot of my closest circles are already on whatsapp. And I rarely ping them on whatsapp, leave alone Facebook. There is a handful that I’d like to keep in touch via Facebook. Maybe they should be moving to whatsapp soon too. Almost all my friends on Facebook are on my email address book. So if I needed to tell them something I could. I am not interested in their lives, not as much as I was about a couple of years ago. We do grow up, eventually. Yesterday, I sat down and “unfriended” all those people on my friends list that I haven’t contacted in more than a year. All I do is like their posts – worst job in the world.

I could just quit Facebook. But there are a bunch of people I follow, and a set of groups I am member of. Following these people on twitter would mean I need to spend some time and set up filters to see their posts. After unfriending, my timeline has only posts from these people and the few groups am in. Reduces the clutter and makes it worthwhile.

So I won’t quite Facebook yet, but my presence there is definitely reducing.