And what if?

Wed, Jun 24, 2015 One-minute read

Isn’t it a tad surprising to see that so many vegetables and fruits are so good for a human body? As in, there are specific fruits that can help improve specific organ functions. You can see it as a wonderful gift from God, or as an evolutionary thing. But what if they aren’t either?

What if these organs are essentially evolved from those fruits or vegetables? After all you can trace human species as an evolutionary successor in a chain. So what if somewhere along the chain, the atomic/chemical structures in these fruits or vegetables are what became base structures to modern organs? That is perhaps why they seem to cure/fix/help certain organs?

But even stranger is, what if all these plants and vegetables were synthesized by some super early intelligent life that also synthesized the animal evolution? So the whole thing is by design, say. What if none of this is a coincidence? What if we are all test tube products of an certain more advanced civilization?