Hey there! This is Abishek. Am an Indian living in Singapore. I am a Chennai-ite for what its worth, vegetarian by choice, an engineer by education, wanna-be maker with nothing to show for (yet). Oh, I am quite romantic about entrepreneurship. One day…

I work for a healthcare startup here. I am #2 and responsible for all things tech. I guess this is a good way to get started about my entrepreneur dreams! You can catch up with my LinkedIn profile for accurate info in this space.

My interests are limited to tech for most part. I curate arduino related tweets using paperli. You can catch me on twitter here. I love the idea of arduino and DIY electronics. I have a small workbench and try to tinker with these boards in my spare time. I love to code. I learned and practice half a dozen languages. The latest fad is to get comfortable with some Lisp dialect. I kinda completed all the lisp-koans successfully. My staple programming language is python.

I used to play tennis. I still have the racket and shoes! I try to run every now and then, but I lack some basic motivation to run more regularly. Now I try to yoga every day.

I am fascinated by design as a discipline and try to read as much as I can in this topic. I hope to practice what I read someday. I want to practice sales/marketing at some point in my career. I strongly believe that these are the most essential blocks of an industry!

I like linux, but I like osx better. I think I have been more productive with my osx box than with any of my earlier debian boxes. But part of the problem is the choice of the distro – usually Debian-unstable. But I wonder if I can manage a linux box any longer. To think I was a linux sysadmin at some point in the last 10yrs is a little uncomfortable!

Well, that’s it from me! Let’s hear from you.

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