A Bad Joke

Sat, Jan 10, 2015 One-minute read

We were walking down to [email protected] y’day evening. The subway leading to the Novena MRT felt very slippery. And I was wearing a pair of slippers. That got me thinking – how can slippers be slippery? Apart from that the sole is really worn out, but mine are quite ok.

Slippers seem like a bad name for footwear; it sounds as if slippers are meant to slip, right? They should have been called something else. I know most of you call it flip-flops these days. Perhaps, they realised this ahead of me.

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We thought about the etymology of the word Slipper. It should have been “aslipper” – unslipper didn’t quite feel right. But then there are always two in a pair and aslipper sounds singular. So a pair of aslippers is slipper.

It is quite important to understand the root of things, you know.